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It seems that after a while of thinking the Flash would come out to win this one. He is a “Super” hero and has powers so his attribute of speed and just plain out cool power is enough to best batman.

This is how it happened:

Batman is in gliding around when he sees a bright light and blur across the streets.

He follows it and goes in for the landing…. one crucial mistake…….. his cape whips in the wind and the Flash hears it and so he is able to vibrate his body extremely fast and  is able to make the world around him appear to be slower and is able to react to batman’s sneak attack.

Now it is just hand to hand combat. Batman waits for the Flash to make his move…He does and he is just to fast for the Batman and brings a punch so fast to his gut that I would have a hard time seeing how he could not die from it….Batman Loses


Batman V.S. The Flash

Well i have not been keeping this blog up to date and my grammar might be off im sorry i have been busy so any way…..bat-flash

If Batman went up against The Flash it would be a matter of pure wit for Batman. The Flash is Fast and can do every thing fast: react,talk,think,walk,everything. So Batman would have to wait at the last second to attack. Batman does have an attribute over Flash…… he is rich,has resources,tech,and advanced martial arts training so his use of stealth ops would be good to sneak up on him and well….beat him……BUT the flash can move his body very fast but not move so time for him is slower and yet has more time to react so this is why it would be a draw and almost impossible to kill the Flash one he has no real weakness like super man or anything like that it is just lack of martial arts training.

since superman is weakened to redsunlight and kryptonite and bruce wayne is a billionaire then im guessing batman is going to come out with this one even tho superman has far more abilities then batman batman has more resources like his money that can buy him any thing from gum hydron colliders

hello welcome to batmanvs

This is a place where a all things batman vs comes down. this is the arena for all the batman vs scenarios. so every week there is a new scenario where where we can talk about what will happen like if you want batman against any dc character like superman we would investigate all aspects of the character then we talk about it and then we vote and majority wins.

Welcome to batmanvs

hi and welcome to batman vs it is the place where all the most epic fights of your dreams take place.

The Rules:                                                                                                                                    1. give a scenario like batman and superman

2. then my team will go thru and see all the attributes of the characters you may talk about in the  comments

3. everyone talks about with all knowledge

4.we vote


those are the rules and now ill make something clear any one who says any thing bad and you know what i mean by bad will be banned simple as that.


now im going to start it off with batman vs superman.who will win who will lose the vote will take place this weekend.