It seems that after a while of thinking the Flash would come out to win this one. He is a “Super” hero and has powers so his attribute of speed and just plain out cool power is enough to best batman.

This is how it happened:

Batman is in gliding around when he sees a bright light and blur across the streets.

He follows it and goes in for the landing…. one crucial mistake…….. his cape whips in the wind and the Flash hears it and so he is able to vibrate his body extremely fast and  is able to make the world around him appear to be slower and is able to react to batman’s sneak attack.

Now it is just hand to hand combat. Batman waits for the Flash to make his move…He does and he is just to fast for the Batman and brings a punch so fast to his gut that I would have a hard time seeing how he could not die from it….Batman Loses



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